The plant, 19th of May, Montréal
Pantoum, 3rd of June, City Québec



Mercury must totally be in retrograde because no one can write this bio right now. Wait… yup, it it is!

This thing started back when Three & Four were banging pots and pans in the streets of Montreal, realized the world was headed for a bad future, decided to make music, met One (whose parents said his destiny was to play synthesizers for a rock ‘n roll band), met Two and then they made a bunch of tunes and slowly made a record by themselves in some warehouses across la belle province.

That record (called Holy Data, of course) is coming out on May 19th, 2017 (another day that One’s parents divined as an auspicious date). It’s a profoundly astronomical record that defies astrology. Or, the other way around if you look at it a certain way. Believing that record labels are agents of A Godless God, they (we, obviously) decided to release it themselves in digital format (data, duh) but also on vinyl because that’s what the band’s horoscope said they shouldn’t do.

Holy Data’s live shows are a post-religious experience full of entranced moments where the band doesn’t know what’s happening, sometimes for many minutes on end, making possessed, improvised sounds at extremely high decibel levels. Without anything released yet, they have already been lucky enough to be asked to open up for bands like Operators, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and The Beatles and hope to fulfill the destiny that One’s parents predicted: to play on the moon.